Monitoring program

Monitoring is an objective qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the radioactive or chemotherapeutic treatment’s efficiency. 

Until the emergence of this method, the evaluation of the antineoplastic treatment’s efficiency was limited to an empirical observation of the patient. 

The monitoring program allows for conducting a quantitative evaluation of the treatment’s efficiency already after several days (in certain cases) and up to 2 – 3 months since the beginning of the treatment when it is possible to compare the size and condition of the tumor before and after the treatment. Through monitoring, the doctor is able to timely correct the treatment program.     


After going through the antineoplastic treatment’s course, every patient of the Center receives a monitoring plan which makes it possible to control the long-lasting treatment results.

At the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy we use Toshiba Vantage Titan 1,5Т – an advanced magnetic resonance imaging scanner that provides outstanding diagnostics quality without compromise as to the hardware components.   

The monitoring can be performed not only at the UCT but also in the partnering centers in all regions of Ukraine.