360º delivery – treatment from at angle

360º delivery – treatment from at angle

The machine’s linear accelerator moves similarly to the CT scanner tube, meaning that treatment can be conducted at any angle.

A fundamentally new efficient method of treating the oncological diseases is based on the combination of a 360-degree spiral with a binary multi-leaf collimator which continuously sounds the required area with directed beams thus ensuring a therapy with the more precise modulation of the radiation’s intensity. The tumor is irradiated from all angles with 360 degree rotation and separation into many layers.

A built-in visualization device determines and controls the tumor tissue’s location, which will be at a later stage exposed to the high-precision irradiation thus minimizing the impact on the healthy tissues and organs.

This method allows for achieving great successes in treatment of cancerous diseases of all kinds even of those which to date could not be easily eliminated with the aid of the existing radioactive radiation or a surgical intervention. 

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