gumenuk2.jpgengineer-radiologist (medical physicist)

An active participant of national and international seminars and conferences:

  • Seminar on "The state and the problem of the quality assurance system implementation with the use of ionizing radiation source in medicine", held with the support of the SSM (Sweden) within the framework of the project "Quality Assurance System and quality control in medical radiology in Ukraine" (Kiev, 2010 g); 
  • International Conference "Optimization and radiological protection of medical personnel", organized by ORAMED (Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2011); 
  • The First International Conference "Radiation and dosimetry in various areas of research" (Nis, Serbia, 2012);  
  • The 6th Congress of the Association of Ukrainian radiation oncologists (MORNING), organized by the State Institution "Institute of Medical Radiology named after S.P. Grigoriev of the National Medical Academy of Ukraine" (Rivne, 2013); 
  • Satellite Symposium on Medical Physics of the 6th Congress MORNING with international participation, with the support of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation for Development of Ukraine (Rivne, 2013)

Two university degrees: 

  • In "Physical and Biomedical Electronics" (engineer-physicist) at the Faculty of Electric Machines" of the National Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute "National Technical University”;
  • In "Radiation protection and safety of sources of ionizing radiation", (specialist in radiation safety) at the Faculty of advanced training and retraining of the International State Ecological University named after A.D. Sakharov (Minsk, Belarus). Thesis entitled "Quality control of medical electron accelerators." 

Participation in seminars and post-graduate training courses: 

  • Training course "Radiation protection and safety of radiation diagnostics and therapy",  Radiological Center "STAKS" (Kharkiv, 2012);
  • Training course "European technical recommendations for monitoring employees, professionally exposed to external radiation", (Krakow, 2012); 
  • Training in the framework of the IAEA project UKR/6/010 "Development and implementation of quality control system by strengthening the knowledge and capacity of medical physics in radiation therapy departments" (Kiev, 2013); 
  • Training course on "Quality assurance in radiotherapy" in the Ukrainian-Swedish project "Provision of medical radiology quality assurance and quality control" (Minsk, 2013);
  • Training course "Radiation protection and safety of radiation diagnostics and therapy," Radiological Center "STAKS" (Kharkov, 2012);
  • Training course "Radiation protection and organization of radiation control",  Radiological Center "STAKS", (Kharkiv, 2016);
  • Internship at the Department of Radiotherapy of the Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after Dmitry Rogachev, Moscow, 2015;
  • Participant of the Scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of radiation oncology in Ukraine" MORNING, Lviv, 2015;

Prior to joining the UCT team she worked as an engineer at the Central Laboratory of Radiation Hygiene of medical personnel and patients of the State University "Institute of Medical Radiology named after S.P. Grigoriev".